Our company is very competitive in the production of cosmetics third parties (private label). We can provide a serious global service, from the birth of a new idea or concept, to prototyping in small batches, to the production on an industrial scale. We have internal graphic studios for the realization of all what is necessary to support and development of a new project. In our laboratory we can create any new formulation with the ability to customize every aspect of the new cosmetic product: starting from the most innovative raw materials since to get to the latest generation of active ingredients.

We are able to develop formulations 100% of natural origin, also with every kind of organic certification requested from customer. We can also give global and serious support on marketing communications with the help of great expert and consultants.

Reasons to choose us

We are a young company, elastic, dynamic and always attentive to the needs of clients. We work with professionals of high standard and with a strong technical background, built on years of experience gained in the field.

At the center of all our attention is the quality of work performed and total customer satisfaction. We are very competitive in price as we are a lean company, without unnecessary and expensive superstructures.

We also offer special additional services: study of new brands and graphics, choice of eye-catching packaging, targeted and effective productions in terms of feedback on the final consumer, totally personalized and customized cosmetic formulas, global support in marketing communications. We are able to develop ecological lines 100% natural origin and also organic, with special attention to eco-friendly philosophy. 

We can formulate cosmetics according to certifications like: ICEA, AIAB, SOCERT, EWG, ITALIAN ORGANIC COSMETICS, VEGAN OK, ECOCERT.

Research & Development

We are in continuous contacts with the most important worldwide producer of raw materials and innovative active ingredients. This choise allows us to be always at the top in the formulation of innovative cosmetic products, safe and highly effective. We have an internal laboratory for carrying out tests on new formulations with various physical, chemical and microbiological analisys. 

We also provide assistance in making: 

Challenge test (skin irritation test);

Effectiveness of solar products (SPF number in vivo and in vitro);

All types of analysis for regulated heavy metals or toxic-harmful substances; 

Performance test of the cosmetic product;

Test for physical and microbiological chemical stability with the indication of the PAO (Period After Opening).

We also provide full assistance in the preparation of cosmetic dossier (PIF product file information and CPNP Portal) according to current regulations. We are able to satisfy all requests from customer.

Process control

The process control and the quality of our work are the focus of our attention. We are able to provide the best and punctual service any time: we are extremely flexible in finding production and packaging solutions. We follow precise control procedures that guarantee the highest quality and the best possible service, both in terms of production quality and in terms of speed of delivery products ordered.


Our warehouse is able to contain over 600 pallets; all incoming material is checked with great attention and entered in established areas. A continuous process of registration of the operations performed, allows to quickly go back to the production lots of the various components used in production. This strictly procedures give to all our customer the possibility to create a complete and precise "history" of the cosmetic formulations: in this way the customer reach the total control of production processes, that will bring the finished products to the final consumer.


We have different packaging lines: a wide range of tank and turboemulsors for producing bulk, automatic filling machines for any size of packaging (flacon, pot, ecc), aluminum and polythene tubes. We can label bottles with flat or round double label. We have machines for shrink and we are capable of applying shrink sleeves of small quantities.

We are able to pack up to 40,000 pieces of finished products per day, ready to be sold by our customer.

"Italian's art and nature enclosed in our green cosmetics"

Tel. +39 0143 323911  |

Fax +39 0143 1970195  |  PIVA01971130065

Via Nino Bixio 8,  15067 Novi Ligure (AL)

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